Jakarta to Bali – Lombock – Gilis islands – Total: 19000km

So I think: I MADE IT!!!! 🙂
The first people I bumped into on Bali were Australian and about 70% of the tourists here as well. So I declare Bali to be little Oz and so from my definition my mission is completed!!!

I made it from Germany to little Australia without using a plane!!!! 🙂

104days and about 18000km
I feel pretty good about this!

I might slowly understand why people call me crazy 🙂
After one day in Jakarta I took an other 24h ferry (and even dragged two other travelers along) this time 2nd class from the start;). I arrived at 5pm in Surabaya and then happened to get on a minivan at 7pm that got me into Bali at 9am. Quite a long trip but all happy. Next day I went diving in the morning and let the dive people drop me off at the public harbor to take the 4h ferry to lombock for 3€ instead of the 3h fast boat for 35€. From there I hit to the gillis islands for a nice end of my beach and diving holiday. i will go back to Bali before the 21st to catch my plane to Darwin.

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