Germany to Australia – Total: ~21.000km


Just about time that I made it. Feels so good to be back! 🙂
First meal dish and chips with a coopers green (yes, after one month without alcohol I started again in my last night in Bali…)

It was a long and amazing journey!!!

I sat down and figured out some numbers. so here a little summary of my travels in numbers:

In 112 days I made it from Germany to Australia!

I took 29 trains, 22 buses, 21 boats, 10 minivans, 8 cars, 6 local buses, 11 metros, 15 taxis, 11 tuck tucks, 2 rickshas, 3 motorbikes, 2 bikes, 1 Russian van, 1 horse carriage, 1 horse, 1 camel, 1 elephant, 0 donkeys and after all one 2h plane.

I spend around 460h on transport and traveled ~19000km overland and only ‘cheated’ by 1759km by plane.

I crossed through 11 countries and went through 13 time zones, 8 climate zones and 6 vegetation zones.
I went from 48North and 9East to 12South and 130East.

The highest point was 1890m over sea level and the lowest point -38m (deep dive).

I had 10 degree Celsius at night in Mongolia and 42 degree Celsius at day time in Mongolia (most of my trip was just above 30 tho).

I had 22h of daylight in St. Petersburg and 12h in Indonesia.

I longest time I stayed in one place was 15 days in George Town and the shortest amount 7h in Bangkok.

I used 12 different currencies (always good to have some USD…)

I learned to say ‘thank you’ in 7 languages and met around 130 people who left a long lasting impression. I’m sure some long lasting friendships will arise out of there too.

I have an uncountable amount of stories to tell and pictures to show.

I had and have a great time traveling and I am again very thankful for the opportunity and all the experiences, travel companions and help I got during this trip. Life is good!

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