I love being back in Australia! – Pub food(can’t see or even eat rice anymore 🙂 ), BBQ in the back yard, the accent, he openness and friendliness, the jokes, outside markets with live music and just the whole atmosphere. I even found out that two of my friends went up here so I could catch up with them.

Five days in the Northern Territory were quite interesting.
NT is fairly special. I know that the Aussies like their drink but Darwin takes it to a whole new level. I saw drinking at 9 am, drinking in the car by passengers and driver in the afternoon and well there is not much around here but a lot of pubs!
It is very laid back here tho, but might be also due to the hot hot weather. There are beaches but you can’t swim because you might get eaten by a crocodile… It is 60% men over here and also around 20% aborigines. The situation with the aborigines is very shocking and disappointing to me. It is amazing/shocking that people have not figured out a good way of integration… I remember I was always very fascinated by he aboriginal culture but all you see here in the streets are drunk and unemployed ones who beg for money. Oh well, I’m trying to have many conversations to understand the background and attitude of the ‘white’ Australians. Haven’t had the chance to speak to an aborigine tho,

I went to the litchfield national park and saw jumping crocodiles and swam in waterfall pools – beautiful! Unfortunately, my camera decide to stop working. I’d also love to pit up some more pics of Indonesia but the Internet situation here is shocking! After free wifi and free Internet computers all over Asia it is expensive and slow over here.
I. Two weeks I’m home tho, so I guess you can hang on a little longer.

Tomorrow I’m o to Sydney for some friends hopping 🙂 I also will tick of one more thing on my bucket list, not gonna tell before its done tho 😉

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